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How can you experience Braintone Art?

Art = Engagement

Where there's art, there is fun and participation. Your participants experience a new technological process, one of intrigue and personal discovery. Interesting conversations spark frequently and your participants and event attendees get to know each other in the process. Include the Braintone Art Experience at your party or special event and be sure to draw a crowd and entertain them. Your event will surely be talked about long after it's over.

Braintone Art Bookings

Braintone Art debut. Design District, Dallas, TX. May 2010

Everyone gets something.

Each participant will get a take-away print of art from their session that they can also use to see their online portfolio at any time. They can just browse and share with friends or order fine canvas prints, among other things.

Everyone that participates gets a take-away print.

Did we mention it was fun?

Braintone Art is lots of fun.

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Buy a license and offer the Braintone Art Experience to your customers.

Ready to buy your own brain painting software? Braintone Art software is available to purchase and would be a great addition to a photo booth rental company, a green screen photography business, a slow motion photo booth, a flipbook studio or any other event business offering. This unique party idea can be sold on its own for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs,corporate events, holiday parties, tradeshow booths, art gallery openings, non-profit galas or any other event where an interactive takeaway is needed, or it could be booked as an add-on to any of your other services. We license out the Braintone Art software and give discounts on multiple licenses purchased. For further information on buying mind painting software, please contact Shawn at:

United States & Canada Distributor
Shawn Kelly

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